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Eloise Kirkpatrick

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Born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, Eloise Kirkpatrick is an 18-year-old singer/songwriter who plays both guitar and piano.  Eloise began her musical journey at age 5; teaching herself piano and then guitar by age 11.  By her thirteenth Birthday, she started sharing her music at local venues, festivals, and restaurants. Along with her original songs, she loves to mix in her favorite artists like Radiohead, The Lumineers, James, Snow Patrol, and Adele.  In January of 2023, Eloise began recording her 8-song debut album, Fire Driven which was released on all streaming platforms on November 2, 2023;  fulfilling her lifelong dream of creating an album to share with the world.


Kirkpatrick spent the summer of 2023 fully funding her album by working 2 jobs along with performing over 50 shows.  She puts all of her emotions into her songs, with heartfelt lyrics detailing her experiences of love, heartbreak, growing up, and her perception of the world as a teen.   Reaching for the stars, Eloise Kirkpatrick continues to create unforgettable music while collaborating her passion with others. 

Young Eloise Kirkpatrick
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